Blog Hacking

I use WordPress for my blogging needs, and though I think it has some problems mainly poorly written database queries and lack of abstraction of core elements, it is quite powerful.

One feature I use a lot are Pages, these are really just a basic CMS built into WordPress. Pages are a great integration point for custom code like my AJAX resource list, since they can have a custom template type. If you already have your own custom theme setup creating new Page templates is easy. Besides including the external code that renders out the resources I also added comments to those pages, I didn’t see this well documented anywhere but it turned out to be easy. You just add the following snippet below to the template, just make sure to put it inside the content div if your still following the normal template layout.

< ?php comments_template(); ?>

If your hacking on WordPress the place to start is at its wiki, Codex. The wiki doesn’t have everything document but it has the basics. If your looking for plugins there is a nice interface to download them directly from svn, it even picks up tags so you can see all the releases.

The plugins that im using are:

  1. Syntax Highlighter Enscript – Highlights any type of code that enscript knows about
  2. Most Commented
    – Shows a list of posts with the most comments on my sidebar

I’ve tried some other plugins over time, but I tend to to use as few as possible since they make the upgrade process more painful since most a quick hacks and aren’t updated on a regular basic. The biggest piece thats missing for me is plugin for manging photos, I don’t want anything fancy just something that works realibily lets me browse a directory upload, and make thumbsnails. Oh and it has to work on wordpress 1.5, I used ImageManager before the last upgrade, but its integration is kinda hackish, plus its overkill for my needs.

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