HTML_AJAX Call for votes

I called for votes on the HTML_AJAX proposal on tuesday, it has 13 +1’s already so it looks like it will pass.

The voting period ends on the 10th so there is still plenty of time for you to review the code and vote on it if your a PEAR developer.

Moving forward on development im looking for feedback (prototype implementation would be great too :-)) on the big features im planing to add.
They are:
Call Queuing and ordering of Async calls
Call combining (if you have 10 items in your queue send them all at once) for both sync and async calls
Some sort of widget api.

I’m really not really sure what the widget api will look like, one though is to define a set of events and implement PHP and JavaScript base classes for each of them. I guess both sides will also need an api that allows you to dispatch those events as needed. Anyhow if anyhow ideas on how this should work let me know.

There is also some boring work to do:
The request JavaScript class seems a bit pointless so it would be good to slim it down even more or hopefully just replace it
Move the HTTPClient init out of each dispatcher class on onto the HTML_AJAX static class, that way it will be easier to add an object pool and put other rules about how many clients we have sitting around.

3 thoughts on “HTML_AJAX Call for votes”

  1. Eventually, a class that will allow fallback to post to iframe for people who don’t have/can’t use xmlhttprequest on their browser – that would be fun

  2. It would be helpful for you to discuss the differences between your PEAR module and JPSPAN, why and when each should be used. I know that I am a little bit confused, but also excited about the opportunities offered by AJAX.

  3. Well i’m still working on documentation but the reasons for using HTML_AJAX are:

    Defaults to JSON for serialization which results is smaller data transfers
    Smaller library then JPSpan while having the main feature set
    Has built in features for managing large projects (auto server)
    In pear so installing and upgrading is easy

    That being said if JPSpan works for you go with it, its good code that works pretty well. HTML_AJAX is still under active development and I expect to add in some killer features over the next couple months but its going to take some time before I can say its the best AJAX lib out there.

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