Javascript Goodness

Clay over at Pearified has been packaging popular JavaScript libraries an making them available over a pear 1.4 channel.

To install them you need to run:

pear channel-discover

Then install the packages like

pear install pearified/JavaScript_Behaviour

Unless you have your data_dir set to something in your webroot you still need to expose the javascript file somehow. Your options are, writing a PHP script that will readfile the files (useful if you want extra control over caching, want to combine multiple libs together in an app specific way, or want to add gzip compression). If your on a Unix system you can symlink the files to your webroot, or you can use an Apache alias (or your webservers equivalent).

2 thoughts on “Javascript Goodness”

  1. Well this isn’t really related to this post in any way but i’ll respond anyway.

    You have a number of tricks you can use.
    One solution is to use fix positioning css and then script like dean edwards ie7 to make it work in ie.

    Another is to use fixed position for firefox/opera/safari and then some sort of javascript trick for ie.

    You can find more details at:

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