AJAX Resource Updates

I finally started clearing out my incoming bookmarks folder, still a long ways to go but a lot of whats left are reference links i’ll need when I do the writeup about my embedded mozilla project (thing pdf generation).

Anyhow here is the summary of todays updates.


Ajax.NET – The free library for .NET (C#)
Full Featured C# ajax lib
DWR – Direct Web Remoting
AJAX library for Java
Accesskey Underlining Library
Easy way to add access keys to any html page without changing the actual html
script.aculo.us – web 2.0 javascript
Effect and Drag n Drop library built on top of prototype
SACK – Simple AJAX Code Kit
JavaScript library for performing AJAX
youngpup.net – DOM-Drag
Lightweight JS Drag n Drop lib


adaptive path ร‚ยป ajax: a new approach to web applications
Original article that Created the AJAX name
The Man in Blue > This is not another XMLHttpRequest article
Article discussion the decision of JavaScript for “the extras” or for primary features, focuses on Gmail and Google maps
Using the XML HTTP Request object
Article covering the ins and outs of using XMLHttpRequest on various browsers, various requests such as GET POST HEAD are covered


Monket Calendar
GPL AJAX online Calendar written in PHP and JavaScript

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  2. Hey… I just wanted to say thanks for that ajax thing you did awhile ago — the hello world using jpspan, in particular, was really, really helpful.

    You know how the ladies love the XMLHttpRequest objects…

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