AJAX Resource List updates

I finally got through my incoming bookmark category and read up on all the AJAX stuff that looked useful. I also updated my resource browser code to allow you to browse by any tag.

I also had a couple other non AJAX related sites that look interesting.
First is Yahoo’s Term Extraction webservice, im not sure if its a good thing or not since the beauty of tags is that they are human created metadata, but I can see it being quite useful to add tags like to a large set of documents to make them more usable. I also ran into TinyMCE, one of those javascript rich text editors, the plugins support looks great for easy customization, which is something I always find I need when im trying to shoehorn one of these things in a current app.

Finally here are the new items in the resource library, If you click on a category you can read the extended description, and see the extra information i’ve got tags to the items.


CPAINT: Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit
PHP & ASP AJAX toolkit gpl and lgpl license
AjaxAC – Open-source PHP framework for creating AJAX / JavaScript applications
AJAX library for php with a focus on doing all the coding php side


particletree · Degradable Ajax Form Validation
Tutorial showing howto use AJAX to validate a form, backend code in asp and php
phpRiot() :: Cloning Google Suggest with AjaxAC :: PHP articles, PHP tutorials, MySQL tutorials, PostgreSQL tutorials
Huge tutorial explaining ever step in building an application (google suggest clone) with AjaxAC
PHPBuilder.com: XMLHttpRequest and AJAX for PHP programmers, Part 2
Extension of an earlier tutorial showing basic text replacement
ONLamp.com: Ajax on Rails
Tutorial covering how to use Rails built in AJAX features


Silicon Valley Watcher: Where can you find Flickr and Apple in the same room? At the AJAX Summit of course. An insider report from the press-free zone where the future of webdev is being mapped out.
Article giving an overview of AJAX and a quick review of the O’Reilly/Adaptive Path AJAX Summit
Making Magic Happen: Predicting User Behavior in AJAX applications
Essay covering using AJAX to prefetch data for a user to improve there overall experience


Joel Webber’s Blog -as simple as possible, but no simpler
Author of Drip, IE Leak detector as well as general AJAX commentary

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