Router Fun

So I had a linksys wireless router that I use to share internet between my laptop and megans ibook, its an older 802.11b job a befw11s4 or something like that. So Megan got a new ibook today, yeah I know the new intel mac’s ones are coming out but thats not for a year and the current 800mhz thing is slow and was the old OS and had a 12 inch screen with a poor viewing angle. So we got a new one, nothing insanely fancy but its a 1.3ghz with 786meg of ram, and to make a long story short it broke the router.

So you connect to the router and about a minute latter internet stops working, reboot the router and sometimes the cable modem too and things work again. Very odd stuff, so I just went out and got a new one, one of those wrt54g models that run linux. Once I ignored there setup program that didn’t work right and just used the web interface everything was good. I now have working wireless, and its even g on the ibook, of course I somehow managed to get a new laptop with only built in b.

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  1. Count yourself lucky, wireless won’t make a huge difference unless you’ve got one super fast Internet connection. I got a laptop last year that doesn’t have USB 2.0. I’m not sure how I managed to miss it in the specs. It didn’t occur to me until a good 6 months after I bought it and started to plug my USB hard drive in to utilize my Thunderbird/Firefox partitions and it took 5 minutes to load Thunderbird. Oops…

  2. The WRT54G is a very nice budget router…as for adding additional feature’s you may want to look into free aftermarket firmware. DDWRT has a whole slew of options that you might be interested in.

  3. Hello Joshua,

    It seems that I got myself some fun too. I have a nice way of uploading multiple file using Ajax and Java Backend. However that part works great on my box and from my intranet but when I try to do the same from internet via my ISP & Router the upload is done in one chuck ( it reaches my app server after is entirely uploaded)

    Is there a routing issue between my router and apache2 ?

    Did you ever experience anything like this ?

    Thanks for reading!

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