AJAX Resources layout changes and tag fun

So now that I have a working internal bookmark system that passes it data through to del.icio.us i’ve finished the next step and converted the resource pages on my blog to using my custom rendering pages. Its much simpler then parsing rss feeds since I actually have the database so I just wrapped my 3 table solution in a couple objects.

Unfortunatly this moved the urls since the new pages need to match up to tag names. At some point i’ll have a solution for this, but the mod_rewrite rule is already getting a bit scary.

The front page stayed the same but the subcategory pages changed:

You’ll notice less high level subcategories on the library front, some will come back as I get my tag set figured out and coherent, but since each entry shows the tags you have more information anyway.

Changes to the list can be found on my del.icio.us feed, but thats not quite as useful since my long descriptions aren’t stored there. You’ll also notice how im abusing tagging a bit, there are tons of tags named category:value, I call these attributes and will hopefully allow me to easily create lots of different view of this data.

If anyone wants to take a look at the code let me know, I’m not sure if I want to go open source with it since its really hackish right now, but if someone wants to help make it more generic (less of my urls hardcoded in it) send me an email.

Oh and if anyone is wondering how im manging the wordpress integration the trick is page templates.

And finally my todo list on this project:

  • Add editing support
  • Create my own feeds so all the info is available
  • Provide generic tag browsing by making them links everywhere and adding a generic mod_rewrite rule for them
  • fixing my mod_rewrite rule to make the old urls work?