Lots of AJAX Resource updates

Thanks to everyone who posted links on my last post, besides a couple articles it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before but it was push to get those things added which is great.

New Updates:


  • XML.com: Very Dynamic Web Interfaces
  • ONLamp.com: A Simpler Ajax Path


  • Ajax Blog

DHTML Libraries

  • dojo: the browser toolkit (note this has a AJAX lib in it as well)

JS AJAX Libraries

  • Prototype: Object-Orient Javascript Library (note this has a dhtml effect library too)


  • Toxic

Reviewing this new round of content I noticed a couple things, there are lots of same old intro to XMLHttpRequest posts, and most libraries and toolkits have poor documentation even if they have lots of it.

The most important thing for any project open source or not is to getting started guide that gets a user acomplishing your projects main purpose with as little effort as possible (Yeah I know phpDocumentor is missing this too).

On to different point, the basic CMS in wordpress sucks for managing this, anyone have any suggestions my needs are.
Easy to create and use simple templates for each item
The ability to tag items so they can be in multiple categories
The ability to view items in category lists like they are now

If anyone has any suggestions on some opensource project that I can integrate easily with wordpress (shouldn’t be hard its cms is mod_rewrite based) let me know. I wouldn’t even mind hacking up some code but I really don’t need a new large project, cause plain old brute force text editing always works even if its painful.

Also on a totally unrelated note, wordpress timezone management sucks. Times should still be UTC on the darn rss feed even if they are MST when view on the blog, or at least they should be reported as MST and not UTC with 7 hours subtracted, now to hack in a solution.

3 thoughts on “Lots of AJAX Resource updates”

  1. Hey Josh, I thought of this yesterday when I saw your original post, but what about del.icio.us for storing them? That’d allow others to syndicate the list on their sites as well. Then all you have to do is grab MagpieRSS and create a simple display script. I’m using Magpie for my del.icio.us and Upcoming.org links on the sidebar of my site. It has built in caching now, so it won’t hit the RSS source every time a page is loaded.

    Also, if you come up with a special tag for your list, you could create a global list of resources that everyone could contribute to. Maybe “AJAX-List”? It’s not being used.

  2. I did a quick experiment with del.icio.us and its a start but, the extended comment field is small enough that not one of my current comments will fit in it. I really want to make more then a simple listing, but the ui is a whole lot easier to make posts too so maybe i’ll look at its competitors.

  3. Ok it looks like im going to use Spurl (www.spurl.net), it allows for longer comments and even exceprts from the articles, plus it can cross post to del.icio.us so at least the general links will be on the more popular sites even if the full description isn’t.

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