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I’ve started compiling lists of the various AJAX resources i’ve found. This is mainly to help me out in some of the writing i’ve been doing but I thought it would help all of you out as well.

Some people do this sort of thing with tons of blog posts, but I’m not really happy with the sort of organization system you get for that sort of thing. I’m using the wordpress pages functionality to manage my lists, its just basic cms functionality if i see that this doesn’t work, i’ll have to parse the html and put all the content in a db, but for now this is easier.

The content is pretty basic right now since I try to write a small overview for everything on the list and It takes me time to refind things I read but forgot to bookmark.

If you know of anything that fits into one of the categories let me know on a comment to this post thanks.

12 thoughts on “AJAX Resources”

  1. Paul:
    The big thing I want is easy templates for the items in each section (possibly viewable 1 by 1 or all at once) and the ability to use tagging to put the items in categories (thats the big thing i don’t have now).

    Does yawiki do this?

  2. I’m with paul. I’d love to get started with AJAX, but I want small examples to look at that work before I start out. I can’t seem to find anything by theory and snippets of code, no “here’s this simple thing, and here’s the code that makes it work”

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