php|arch AJAX Presentation wrapup

My slide post about the presentation is actualy backdated to the 23, I forgot to future date it when I started things and now things are using the link. But anyhow there is no magic the webcast was today and it went well.

I couple questions I want to answer in more detail are:

What are some PHP AJAX toolits?

  • JPSpan – OO Api Sync and ASync mode
  • SAJAX – Procedural Api ASync Only? multi-language support
  • JSRS – Async only, uses IFrames, multi-language suspport
  • SRSS Sync Only, Content Focused

If anyone knows of any other AJAX toolkits for PHP let me know, there are also lots of JS toolkits that don’t handle data serialization but could be used to grab content from a php server.

What browsers does JPSpan support?

There is a list on the wiki.

Why don’t you just use SOAP?

I think its overkill and doesn’t take advantage of the fact that both PHP and Javascript are dynamically typed. Again more details on the wiki (also why not XML-RPC, WDDX etc)

What are some example PHP apps using AJAX?

I’m going to need some help to answer this one, I know there are lots of projects that have stuff implemented in CVS but I don’t know of much that is released.

A couple of Uversa’s apps use it: SureInvoice (type ahead search when inputing time) and Clearhealth (typeahead find of patients, report attachment screen in admin, and fee schedule editing)

What are the security considerations?

Well beides normal XSS implications im not to sure. As far as I know if you make sure to escape any user data as needed you should be ok, since the normal browser security model should take care of the rest. Please leave a post if you’ve found any news about this.

Where are the slides, and will this session be available latter?

The slides are here on my blog, php|arch will have a recording of the session up soon.

There were a number of other questions which I don’t remember anymore, but i’ll be sure to answer any other questions about AJAX that people have.

Also my employer is looking to hire some developers so if your interested in working with open source PHP doing some exciting stuff (lots of AJAX) make sure to send in a resume, were only accepting them until the 30th.

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  1. A few links etc.

    – What are some PHP AJAX toolits?

    One more I’ve seen (which interestingly drifts into the next question) – – targets Mozilla / SOAP and PHP5. Still haven’t got round to installing it but the code looks good.

    There may be one other out there, with a name like “Lily” – can’t find the link and wasn’t paying close attention.

    – Why don’t you just use SOAP?

    Agreed obviously and somehow the word “just” in that quote needs quotation marks / irony. There’s another argument I guess that extends that – RPC or REST? That’s not so clear – think things like HTTP caching and degrading would be easier with REST, although not all XMLHttpRequest implementations support PUT and DELETE. Certainly people need to be warned that exposing methods like User.setUsername(name), User.setEmail(email) over AJAX is a bad idea – better, email)

    – What are some example PHP apps using AJAX?

    Couple more: and – both using JPSpan but seperate projects / developers.

    – What are the security considerations?

    Good question – one more issue that’s turned up was first spotted here:

    “Also my employer is looking to hire some developers so”

    No chance of working from home I guess πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for the links Harry, As far as working from home goes, we don’t actual have an office so everyone works from home. But we are looking for someone who can get to meetings in Phoenix without a lot of hassle (couple a month). Also at some point we might get an office and need to go in a couple times a week to help junior level devs out as we add more of them.

  3. The versiontracker site makes extensive use of AJAX. We have been implimenting it in areas for the past 12 months or so. Also, many Tiger Widgets would qualify as AJAX.

  4. Heh – thanks for the presentation again. Now for sure I will read more about AJAX and practice a little.
    Oh – and I won’t forget how you said my name – Jaroslaw Pendowski πŸ™‚
    once more – thx for a good lesson – hope to hear you again sometime

  5. Fahad I haven’t tried but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t assuming of course that you have php setup correctly to work with arabic and any javascript specific setup was done.

  6. in UTF-8 it works but i don’t know if it works in windows-1256 or not because most of arab’s sites are work with it.

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