Building Dynamic Web Applications with AJAX webcast Presentation

If your coming here from the php|arch webcast, welcome, and from anywhere else too.

It looks like the presentation server had some sort of outage, during the question and answer period, we recovered quicly and though we lost about a hundred people, I think most people got there questions answered.

If you have an more questions feel free to post them here.

The slides are available online, these are slightly different then the version in the presentation, but the content is the same, they’ve just had a little less editing.

The example application is also online

2 thoughts on “Building Dynamic Web Applications with AJAX webcast Presentation”

  1. I was really enjoying the webinar until the server borked. Would you be able to post the Q&A session or is php|architect going to do that?

  2. php|architect will be posting the chat log and a recording of the entire session. I’m working on a summary of some of the major questions right now.

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