The presentation went pretty good tonight, the turnout was pretty good, lots of new faces.

I kept dropping the wireless connection which didn’t help with showing sample apps, but we recovered pretty well. Anyhow the slides are up take a look, any feedback would be appreciated since i’ll be giving an updated version in another month or so.

Slides for AzPHP Presentation: Building Dynamic Web Applications with AJAX

6 thoughts on “AzPHP AJAX Slides”

  1. hmm am I blind or is the navigation of the slides really is this clumpsy on firefox with that mouseover select box?

  2. Good presentation. The image-gallery sample application is terrific. Some nitpicky comments on the slides themselves:

    – You refer to Ajas as “AJAX”, “Ajax” and “ajax.” Pick one and be consistent throughout all slides.

    – Depending on the audience, don’t use “#” to represent the word “number.” Outside the US, it doesn’t have that meaning.

    – Make your bullets more concise. Don’t use whole sentences. You want people listening to you, not reading.


    “Do not break what the user is focusing on” to “Do not break user focus.”

    “The term AJAX was coined Jesse James Garrett in February 2005” to “Coined by Jesse James Garrett” or “Term coined recently by Jesse James Garrett”

    All and all, good stuff. I wish you were local to me so I could see this live!

  3. Im curious about the tool you use to generate the slides. or is a tool that you build?

    anyway i like to know.

  4. Lukas: the main navigation is actually your arrow keys, the drop down box is just for quick selection. I guess on web only versions i should toss a slide up explaining that.

    Chas: Thanks for the feedback i’ll do that for the next version of the slides.

    Renso: The slides are created with s5 a standards based slide show tool by Eric Meyer:

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