Great Javascript Library

I’ve been working on a small AJAX image gallery application to use as a demo for my AZphp presentation next tuesday. I got to the point where i wanted to be able to drag some Images around, and while I could write the javascript to do this, I always try google first for a problem like this. Much to my surprise I found nice lgpl library that does everything I need.

It handles draging and droping of element, resizing them, cloning items, and some animation. I just started to scratch the surface but the code looks very well done.

If you know of any other javascript libraries please let me know, with a comment or trackback.

9 thoughts on “Great Javascript Library”

  1. Onno I’ve seen that before, I like the look of the datagrid a lot, but for a js datagrid I want one that loads data as needed using jpspan, and im not sure what that would take with there code.

  2. Activewidgets does have the ability to dynamicly load data into the grid without a refresh. I have used it to interface with cold fusion, asp and jsp applications.

  3. It’s been awhile, but I dropped Prototype and scriptaculous in favour of Ext Javascript UI Library (

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