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In November I came back early from my time in London to join a small Open Source php company here in Phoenix. I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay in Phoenix long term but its managed to work out that way, last week a sign a lease for an apartment at Indigo Palms.

Anyhow, work has been extremly busy making it hard to do anything at all on phpDocumentor of PHPca, but there is a bright side to that. Were an open source company and were slowly releasing our projects out as open source. The big thing im hoping to get out soon is our Celini application base, so I can talk about some of the cool stuff were doing with JPSpan.

On that note I have a small proof of concept demo of what can be done with direct javascript rpc to your php code.

The context is an editor for fee schedules in a medical clinic, there are something like 18K codes in the full table, I only have 1K loaded in the demo. You can scroll up and down (just links any information on using scroll bars in js for this would be appreciated) with information being loaded as needed. You can also click on the fields with a border to edit them, click on another cell saves the first one.

There is still a bit of work to do, mainly in filtering, jumping to any row, better edit interaction (enter saves, keys bound for up, down), and maybe a scroll bar.

Anyhow I thought I’d let the world have a small peak at what im doing these days, and hopefully i’ll have time to get the source ready to share in a week or too.

View the demo (NOTE, this code will eventually be released as GPL).

3 thoughts on “Life and Really Cool Code”

  1. Very cool. That’s given me the motivation to do some more work on JPSpan (needed a break recently). Got some bugs to clear up, in particular so it works with the PHP CGI. Fascinated to see your solutions to problems like polling etc.

  2. Don’t forget to add record locking… heheheh.

    Oh the pain when more than one person is editing the record set. Reminds me of the days of Microsoft Access (*shutter*).

  3. Try this:
    document.onkeydown = fancyKeyDownHandlerThatCanScrollOrEvenPageUpAndDownAndHasJumpShortcutKey

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