More website updates

I played around a bit more with my blog, adding in links to other sites and starting a blog roll. I also imported all my old photos into gallery (which i learned to hate more) so I don’t have a reason to keep the old website around.

So now redirect to this blog, all the old links are still good i just moved the index page out and setup a redirect.

My gallery photos are linked on the links section on the right now, out of the old stuff that I imported, think the best are the photos from the Hoover Dam, and From a walk I took up to “A” Mountain after a Storm.

Oh and I somehow lost the images I had in the root of my blog photos directory, I think the only thing I ended up losing was a photo of any annoying keyboard so I guess i’ll manage.

Interesting sidenote, I looked through google images to see if i could find it there, but no luck, they had pretty much every other image, it must have been deleted awhile ago and I just didn’t notice it.