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This is reprint of an email I sent out to pear-dev and the php user groups im active at:

There comes a time in a projects life when even though its been successful and widely used its founders are no longer able to develop it to the extent it needs.
phpDocumentor has reached that point, Greg and I have pushed the project forward for 5 years now, but thats also the problem its just Greg and I.
The bug reports and feature requests keep coming, but the developer time doesn’t.

So this is where you come in, we need some help.

Currently were looking for people to fill in the following roles.
1. People to work on a new Task oriented phpDocumentor guide
2. People to help out with the website, finding articles about phpDocumentor, users of phpDocumentor, and working on the FAQ
3. People to review, triage, write test cases and manage bug reports
4. People to work on new features and refactoring
5. A release manager to handle releases to SourceForge and PEAR, helping with release notes, and tracking down bug fixes

If you’re interested just sign up on the mailing list at:
Send a email introducing yourself and say what you’d like to help with. I’ll currently in London, England so if your in a different time zone
there might be a bit of delay on me replying but if I’m around i’ll attempt to respond as soon as possible.

-Joshua Eichorn

3 thoughts on “phpDocumentor Call for help”

  1. Well, I subscribed.. not 100% sure as to what your e-mail address is. Perhaps you could drop me an e-mail? That’d be awesome. Thanks.

  2. I know you posted this ages ago, but I just subscribed out of hope.

    Greg sent me a link here after I voiced interest in developing (and asking about the development status). I looked at the last couple of posts on phpDocumentor and saw this.

    Still going, I hope?

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