Branch is now HEAD

Ok I had a bit of a talk with Greg today about phpDocumentor’s future.

I think I convinced him we don’t want to go off into rewrite never-never land for a couple years (read what Joel has to say about rewrites).

So the current plan looks something like this.

  1. Merge release_1_2_0 branch back to head (done)
  2. Create a quick destination overview (below)
  3. Start refactoring

Ok so we want to end up with a model like this:

WebInterface------------|		  |
			|		  |
			|		  |
		ConfigurationStore	  |-------Parser
				|					|
			EventImplementation			    Renderer

This means two things, we have a target. Just checkout head to submit patches from.

If you want to help just subscribe to the developer mailing list and introduce yourself.