The bug list

Below is a list of bug that I think are easy fixes.

  1. 940932 – Manual Version is wrong
  2. 951902 – Shell return values for automatic scripting
  3. 935785 – the new CSS unviewable with Konqueror
  4. 924760 – source rendering in FireFox contains extra newlines
  5. 1043330 – Make Command Line Parser support shorter syntax
  6. 964248 – Convert invalid characters in package/subpackage names to _

If your interesting on getting started on one of these bugs sign up on the developer list and send an email. I can point you to the classes/files you’ll need to look at to get started hacking.

Since were working on a branch you’ll want to use something like the commands below to checkout code to get started:

cvs -d login
cvs -d co -r release_1_2_0 phpdoc