phpDocumentor Overview: part 1

phpDocumentor is a big project, and that might make it a little harder for people to get started on it, but just like any project there are a number of easy entries points.

The first is the basic command line and web interfaces. They are made up of only a couple files but that the developers main interaction with the project and also for a number of bugs (#2 and #5 on my last post).

The most important file for both web and cli interfaces is phpDocumentor/, the methods in there build and parse options as well as containing some pretty cool methods for matching and ignoring files.

Interface files:

  • phpdoc – Shell/Php loader script for cli interface
  • phpdoc.bat – Windows equiv to phpdoc
  • index.html – Loader file for the web interface
  • phpDocumentor.ini – base configuration file
  • docbuilder/* – The web interface
  • phpDocumentor/ – Cli bootstrap
  • phpDocumentor/ – Load ini files setup basic constants
  • phpDocumentor/ – Find files, parse command line parameters

Now I don’t know if basics like this are actually useful, some feedback on what would help a person get started would be great.

1 thought on “phpDocumentor Overview: part 1”

  1. wow thanks for sharing the info.. i love the JAVA documentation and the API, it’s very useful and i didn’t know that anything about this phpDocumentor project


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