More pictures uploaded (or why does gallery suck so much)

Ok so I got more pictures uploaded from my holiday in Europe. I got lazy and stopped renaming them so you’ll have to what the # ones are pictures of.

Oh and for all of you that said gallery is great, your insane. Its got a horrible interface, I constantly have to change the same setting over and over. It has limited image sizes.

Of course it does have the spiffy XP upload wizard, so until someone writes some new gallery software that Just Works. I’m stuck with this.

Oh and go view the photos some are actually good.

2 thoughts on “More pictures uploaded (or why does gallery suck so much)”

  1. Limited image sizes? I have never hit any such limit. Are you sure that’s not your php post_max_size setting you are hitting?

  2. Output sizes, You only get 1 small and one large for downloads. Not say every standard size supported by the max size.

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