Great Presentation on Documenting with phpDocumentor

Jason Sweat has slides from a presentation titled “Documenting PHP Applications” that he gave at PHP|Works in Toronto. I wish I could have seen the presentation, the slides are great.

If your new to phpDocumentor reading the slides is a great place to start. He does a great job of showing off the basic features, and gives some nice examples of the code -> document path. Made me feel like Jason knows more about phpDocumentor then me :-|.

On a slightly related note, there are some people having problems running phpDocumentor on OSX if someone runs it and would be willing to help debug, I’d be greatful.

2 thoughts on “Great Presentation on Documenting with phpDocumentor”

  1. I was using a partial transparent effect that lightened it but it was messing up mozilla on linux, made things really slow so. I just commented that out, now its too dark, I quickly lightened it, not perfect but more readable.

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