What a Thursday Night

Php London was tonight, great group. We spend less time presenting then at azPHP and more time drinking but there is nothing wrong with that.

We had some very good converstations on templates tonight.

Templates we talked about:

  • Smarty – No good things to say here (fat and slow)
  • Flexy – Was the prefered solution of some, compiler with light weight runtime
  • Savant – My prefered solution but I might not be the normal use case

I just made the last train home, and im a little pissed, so its not the time to go into details, but what makes a good template engine is a topic I would like to discuss more.

And the article by Harry that started it all: Templates and Template Engines or why do we need to make up a new language when we have PHP

3 thoughts on “What a Thursday Night”

  1. XSLT is very cool. But I wonder if it could lead to some overhead in parsing XML files each time a PHP page loaded.

  2. I believe xslt is cool too, I wish there were nifty CLIENT SIDE things to do transformations for you – but here’s a really simplied version of the problem with using xslt…

    In php you grab stuff from a db, file, whatever, put it in a template and display it…or you grab stuff from a db, format it to xml, apply xsl stylesheet transformation, and then display it. See in essence you shove two extra steps in there – just like you shove extra steps in when you parse and compile templates 🙂

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