WordPress PHP Syntax Highlighter

I don’t have a new theme yet, but I have a PHP Syntax Highlighter.

It could use some more features, but i’m sure i’ll get to those if I ever start using it.

And Now some PHP Code just for fun.

// Hello World in PHP5 DOM
$src = ‘
$xml = DomDocument::loadXml($src);

echo $xml->firstChild->nodeName.” “.$xml->firstChild->textContent;
I Can’t seem to get a whack-n in the code though, quite annoying but that seems to be a wordpress problem.

1 thought on “WordPress PHP Syntax Highlighter”

  1. What kind of features do you want? There’s another syntax hiliter plugin by name of iG:Syntax Hiliter which can hilite HTML, CSS, JAVA & SQL, besides PHP. The new version will have ASP hiliting & sanitised code, meaning that WP won’t be texturising the code & ruining it. 🙂

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