I upgraded to Worldpress 1.2 today, I don’t think anything broke but if you notice a bad link let me know and i’ll symlink/redirect things back into working order.

I’m also working on a new template so you’ll just have to put up with things being ugly for a bit.

Ok I also setup nice permalinks for stuff, the mod_rewrite stuff was kinda odd, I copied the rules into my .htaccess from the admin screen and nothing.

I ended up adding a ForceType rule for archives feeds and comments like you would to then symlink index to those files, but just adding the ForceType rules made the rewrite work. Very odd, maybe it has something to do with my having AcceptPathInfo on for the entire server.

Ok so it ended up being that I had a file called block.conf in my apache2 conf.d directory which used rewrite rules to kill annoying spiders that don’t follow robots.txt and such. And even though I though I had it turned off earlier i really hadn’t since I use graceful to restart the server and someone must have been downloading or something.