Weekend Fun

I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I saw the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theater. The seats were amazing, it was quite the spectacle. I could have done with out the whole 3 people singing at once thing, but on the whole I really enjoyed it.

Sunday I went with my roommate Isabella and her friend Peter to a Shakespeare festival in Haxton. It was an enjoyable time, but it was put on by the National Youth Theater so it was all hip (that means they changed stuff) and was kinda in a weird location so it was hard to follow what was going on. But it was enjoyable, after a couple hours of that we went an got a drink played a bit of poll and then went on an adventure of a lifetime.

It was the Quest for the Chocolate Cake and it had us looking in 10 or 15 different pubs and restaurants in the area looking for chocolate cake for Isabella. We found puddings, ice cream, even tarts but the cake was nowhere to be found. Finally at the last place we checked (of course we would have been quite foolish to keep looking after we found the cake :-P), a Pizza Express we found the Cake. Oh and we had some pizza too.

Regretablly the cake was only scored a 4.5 by our Olympic judges.

Oh and it turns out there was a store called “A Piece of Cake” in the train station, I wonder what the cake there would have scored.