Almost on London Time

Well im almost on London time, though I have no time keeping devices so I don’t ever have a clue what time it is. I stayed up to 10 last night with a couple hour nap, and woke up at noon today. I’m out doing a bit shopping now, I really need an alarm clock but i’m not having a lot of luck. I just want a cheap clock radio one, but I haven’t found them anywhere.

I bought a weekend tube pass today, so this weekend im going to go into central London and be a tourist. I thought about going today but im out here in section 4 and the ticket is £5 and I didn’t have any plans made, so i figured i’d plan a bit today and rest up a bit more, im still pretty dead.

I have a land line now, so hopefully i’ll get high speed internet setup early next week and I can stop spending time in this internet cafe (thats what it calls itself even if its just 2 rooms of computers) and start using my laptop again. That or i have to find a wireless hotspot around here.

The shopping here is pretty good even though i can’t find an alarm clock/radio, Maybe for now i’ll try to get a cheap clock from one of those £1 stores so I have a clue to what the time is when the kids next door wake me up playing in their backyard.