Php5 Fun

Well thanks to the joys of having 2 ip address on my server I got php5 setup without breaking to much (upgrade to mysql 4.1.3 at the same time so i had to rebuild php4 to get it to connect to the db).

Hopefully I’ll be hosting my first fully php5 app by the morning. It looks pretty neat so far, its a fan fiction library my sister has been working on.

She will be releasing her framework and some other code under the GPL at some point, i’ll post a link when that happens as well.

Hopefully the php5 transition goes smoothly I think a lot of the new features will help improve my productivity and php acceptence in enterprise markets. I just wish the upgrade wasn’t such a huge deal for those of us using lots of OO in php4. The change in references is going to leave me with hundreds of hard to debug errors that I have to find tens of thousands of lines of code. Oh well maybe I can use the compat flags and upgrade slowly.