Busy Weekends

I’ve had a busy weekend, drove to Michigan on friday night for my nieces 1st birthday. Wasn’t much of anything just cake and ice cream. First time i saw my little sisters new house (well trailer). It was decent, I think she and her husband Aaron will fit well into the neighborhood. Its pretty laidback, just a little redneck.

Saturday morning I went to my nephew Patrick’s T-ball game, not what I call loads of fun but at least it was short. Then I drove to Chicago with Patrick in tow (well in the backseat), the driver was neither short or fun. Met my mom at the bank she works at in Bridgeview, she wasn’t done yet so I took Patrick to Haunted trails, we played a round of miny golf, neither of are very good, but I did get a free game by hitting the ball in the skulls head on the last hole. We finished time playing video games. Then it was off to blueberry hill for lunch and then back to Mom’s apartment to kill time.

In the evening we went Navy Pier, visited the Childrens Museum, went on a boat tour, saw fireworks, and rode on the ferris wheel. Patrick had a great time and I think my mom did as well, it was ok for me, but not really what i needed. Plus it brought up lots of memories of last time I was there with Megan.

Today I went to the White Sox’s game with Patrick, My mom, and her boy friend John. It was a pretty good game, a nice stadium, had a bit of fun (oh and hte sox’s won). It was kid’s day so at the end of the game all the kids got to run the bases (yea I was excited as well). I’m pretty sure whoever was running things was a moron. Took them pretty much 30 minutes before they got hte line working the way it should, we cut in line a bit so that helped cut down our wait.

And now im back at my Mom’s place doing loads of nothing, tomorrow morning were taking the train into the city to see some musuems (i think the museum of Science and Industry). That will be interesting since i don’t actually have the day off work so i’ll be working before we leave for an hour or so and then in the evening when we get back. Of course i don’t expect a whole day in the city I don’t know if i could take that much time in a museum with a 6 year old.

Oh and i got some toys from work so now I have a nice alumumin external firewire/usb case for the 80gig hd I had sitting around. Now all i need is the right firewire cable (my laptop has the mini-firewire connector) so I don’t have to use slow usb2.