Travel Recap

Its been a busy couple weeks for me. I’m going to attempt to blog again on a regular basis since i’ll be out of the country soon and no one will have a clue what im upto otherwise.

June 26 a bunch of co-workers helped me move the majority of my apartment into storage, I finished up the rest of the moving by the 29th and moved out that day. All my stuff fits in a 5×8 storage unit and my car. Well the car is really just 2 suitcases with cloths and some random stuff my sister is going to E-bay for me.

I picked Megan up from the airport on the 29th and started driving to Sturgis, Michigan. Leaving town on I-17 the fun began, a nice sized rock hit my windshield leaving a chip (did i mention i just got the windshield replaced 4 days before). Looks like its too big to fill oh well thats my luck.

We made it to Albuquerque New Mexico that first night (8-9 hours of driving), got up pretty early the next day and drove what seemed like forever (ok like 13 hours) and made it to Lincoln Missouri (just before Springfield). Another night in a motel and then made the final leg of the trip, 10 hours of driving latter we were in good old Sturgis.

One 3rd my Dad got married, ceremony didn’t take too long things went well, i found it quite weird.

On the 5th I drove to toledo to goto the zoo with my mom, grandma, 2 sisters and their husbands and gaggle of kids, It was tiring and annoying (way to many strollers) i don’t recommend that sort of thing. Everyone

I was in Sturgis (stayed with my sister) til last night when I drove to Megan to Chicago so she could make her plane this morning. I’m staying at my mom’s until friday when i’ll drive back to Sturgis so i can pick up my nephew Patrick and driving him back out here Saturday morning, my mom and I are going to take him to a baseball game and a couple musuems.

Its been a pretty good trip so far, I enjoyed spending time with Megan I really miss her. Sometimes I wish I could just move on, but what we had sticks with me to tightly to just let it float away.

Its been nice to see everyone but now its too the less fun part of the trip, wraping up stuff here in the states, working and attempting to find a place to live in London.