Some weekends are more enjoyable then other, I say a couple movies this one, both were pretty good. Man on Fire was very powerful, very well acted, did a very good job of showing the violence without churning your stomach. Kill Bill Volume 2 was suprisingly good, had a nice twist at the end, skipped the blood spurting from the first, had a happy ending of sorts. Anyway both were quite enjoyable.

Of course the interesting part of both movies is I saw them alone, not that thats a bad thing, just not so sure its trend without long term issues. Anyway I would really like to meet someone new who shares some interest likes to have some fun etc, maybe even a female (though im not so sure im ready for another round of that). Of course things brings me to my problem, how do you meet people that are more then casual friends and aren’t related to work. This weekends attempt going to a club didn’t work, though it wasn’t expected too. Went to a club that was a little to young, crowded, and lacking of a dance floor for the crowd, reminded me of high school too many cliches.

So now its time to brain storm for next weekend, maybe i’ll try a bar or a lounge. I really need a new hobby, guess im going to fill out this orkut invitation now, maybe some friends of friends will fit the bill.

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  1. Part time job. Some place that has other people your age and interests. Good place to meet casual friends to go to movies with and parties on weekends.

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