There and Back Again

Server Move was moved to my new server last night (well the dns change went through last night). You might have noticed the site was down for a couple hours, I missed the virtual host rule for the main website, doh. Let me know if you find that anything else is broken.

2 thoughts on “Server Move

  1. Davey

    The phpDocumentor documentation is out of date, and there are some broken links, particularly the ones for the @var tag.

    Whilst I have your attention, which I hope I do, does phpDocumentor 1.3 have an @const tag for “const CLASS_CONSTANT” ? if so, what is the usage? I assume @const {TYPE} {DESCRIPTION} but I could be wrong….

    – Davey

  2. Josh

    Well i just regenerated the docs from 1.3.0RC3 and opened a bug for it saying the wrong version all over the place. You can also see the var page since i turned off the stupid apache multi-language type handler that was breaking the page.

    I don’t think there is a const tag, im not actually sure check what we do for define right now.