A new chapter is written a page at a time

Things went pretty good today, there were only a couple very odd (odd in how to reply not the question) how did the vacation go questions. I had a meeting with my boss Dan and his boss Tara, it was going to be about my plans to leave at the end of July, they were very nice and agreed to let me work in London remotely for 3-4 months at the end of July instead.

Guess the timing worked out on things, if Megan and I had waited another week to bring this to the end I would have missed this option.

So now i guess its just for all the technical details (not really in order yet)

  • Get a new passport (mines expired)
  • Set a date to leave
  • Set a date to return
  • Find out if i need a visa to stay for 3-4 months
  • Pack up my aparment and get rid of everything i don’t want to store
  • Decided what to do with my car
  • Move out of my apartment
  • Find a place to live in London
  • Find out what my options are for communiation (do they have pre-paid cell phones in england with decent long distance rates?)
  • get the deatils on Cisco offices in London
  • whatever else i haven’t thought of yet

Another good thing to do would be to wake up one morning and not think about Megan, if anyone knows a way to think yourself out of thinking about someone let me know.