phpdocumentor 1.3.0 RC2 released

Greg and I released phpDocumentor 1.3.0 RC2 today, getting really close to a 1.3.0 release, though if the daily changes on php5 features don’t stop it will take at llast 1 more release to support ph5p finale:

Release Announcement follows:

The phpDocumentor team is pleased to announce the release of phpDocumentor 1.3.0 RC2.

This release add PHP 5 support and a number of bug fixes

This will be the last release in the 1.x series. 2.0 is next.

Features added to this release include:

  • Full PHP 5 support, phpDocumentor both runs in and parses Zend Engine 2
    language constructs. Note that you must be running phpDocumentor in
    PHP 5 in order to parse PHP 5 code
  • inline {@example} tag – this works just like {@source} except that
    it displays the contents of another file. In tutorials, it works
    like <programlisting>
  • customizable README/INSTALL/CHANGELOG files
  • phpDocumentor tries to run .ini files out of the current directory
    first, to allow you to put them anywhere you want to
  • multi-national characters are now allowed in package/subpackage names

Notice: PEAR users will want to read the release notes for directions on how to automatically setup the web interface on install

Release Notes


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