Been quite a hyper night for me, lots of talking thinking. TV is on history channel show on mining, i’ve seen it a couple times already.

I can’t decide how much i really want to share with everyone else, but i don’t want to lose these thoughts either. And since I don’t store thoughts anywhere else you get to see lots of random posts.

I finally got these lyrics from a Dave Matthews song tonight:
“the real problem in the world is that we look at each other wondering what the other is thinking, but we never say a thing, so these crimes between us grow deeper”

I think i’ve done this a lot over my short life, I have a habit of losing people I care deeply about, i don’t even notice its happening or relieze it before its too late. But if i look back i see it happening. There must be points where I wonder what the other person is thinking, or they of me, but it never happens. A couple years down the road your best friend in the world is somone you say hi too when you see them.

It’s amazing how often this has happened to me, my goal is to not let it happen again. There is no reason to let a friend slip away when you still enjoy talking to them, and at least it seems that they enjoy talking to you.