CBS sucks

Some how i remember the Super Bowl having lots of good comercials, but in this years CBS version all i saw was a bunch of ads for CBS’s worthless TV shows. There were also so local ads that sucked.

Hopefully someone who will actually sell ad space is broadcasting the Super Bowl next year.

I didn’t watch most of the first half, since the teams sucked i missed nothing, maybe some of the ads were there, guess i’ll just watch the ads on IFILM and turn off the game (nothing like the 2 most boring teams in the NFL in the big game).

9 thoughts on “CBS sucks”

  1. CBS now has sunk to a new low. Their handling of Imus is a disgrace. Selling-out freedom of speech (regardless of the fact that it comes from idiots like a radio shock-jock) has me off of CBS. They suck indeed.

  2. Anyone have a site where we can post a list of CBS’ advertisers? Evidently, the only thing CBS cares about is it’s bottom line, so we need to compile a list of it’s advertisers, and mass-mail them, letting them know we are boycotting them for supporting CBS.

  3. cbs sucks and now it’s my choice to boycott their news….(not that it was ever very good before now). I will miss cbs sunday morning but i’m pretty sure i have other options to fill up that time slot…and oh yeah…….same to nbc and tim russert — if all of you want to screw the first amendment, hey and hey..have at it …but not me….tv isn’t the be-all and end-all for me…but maybe it is the end-all for the first amentdment. Do you get it … Yes, I get to boycott you and all the advertisers that abandoned our Constitutional First Amendent Freedoms…it’s sad to think how many times Edward R. Murrow has been turning over in his grave. I wish him peace and i wish cbs and nbc failure. Murrow lived a life of integrity and dignity. But, then, cbs screwed Murrow in the end too. His successors have failed so miserably. Just know, i won’t be checking out your news. Gee. isn’t cancelling my sponsorship of your prejudices a great thing. hc

  4. CBS SUCKS!!! What they did to Imus was destroy his freedom of speech, and I hope he wins that lawsuit and sues their asses off!!!
    Screw you CBS, you guys suck!!!
    Anyone know how to contact CBS so I can complain?

  5. CBS and MSNBC are hypocrites. They are losing viewers and listeners due to the handling of the Imus situation. Imus made an error and apologized. That should have been the end of it. So now they have fired Imus and have regained the advertising that they were threatened to lose. However they get less dollars since their ratings are lower.

    So who wins. We don’t and they SUCK!

    Katie Couric belongs on a Radio Station in Alaska. (Not that Alaska is a bad Place). But maybe with a 100 listening she will have some attention. But then maybe not.

    Good Luck you thieving bastards.

    Bruce from Florida

  6. Needs to be repeated, tell the nfl.

    Their news is genius, compared to their sports.

  7. Independent of other questionable programming a recent change was just enough to send me over the top. I wrote this comment to CBS and I am looking for a list of there advertizers so I can complain further.


    Your recent addition of worthless text to the screen for several programs I WAS watching is a total distraction from the show I am trying to watch and amounts to nothing more than pure unadulterated SPAM! If this practice continues I will quit watching your station completely. Despite whatever you high priced consultants or employees are telling you, you should have the sense to realize this is nothing but worthless drivel. Stop this spam before it costs you more viewers. I am sending this message to some of your advertizers as well as friends and family so they to can voice there total disgust. Your programming already suffers from endless advertizing isn’t that enough? What value does your programing provide if not moments of entertainment. Now you are ruining that too.

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