State of the Union Address

I listened to the 2004 State of the Union Address on C-SPAN tonight while i was writing some phpDocumentor 2.0 code.

Some programs im interested in:

  • Guest worker program
  • Push for new energy bill
  • New medical initiatives, especially new deducations
  • Community based stategies to reduse drug use (oh i mean school drug testing)
  • Prisioner reentry initative, anything that stands a chance to break the cycle is a great way to save money in the long run

I especially liked the jab against the pro’s using steriods, thats a nice move hopefully it gets the worthless bums in baseball moving.

Treating absentience as the only certian solution STD’s, which it is, but you have to a multi-faucted solution.

Also whats the deal with the sanctity of marriage, its never been a largely a religous instution, and the Government shouldn’t make it a policy to discriminate against its citizens.

Bush’s attempt to read 10 as binary, 2 um 10.