Its interesting how your outlook on life starts to change when you start changing your daily schedule.

Since the new year i’ve made 3 big changes, i’ve been working out daily, always running (well over half the time) and lifting in the evening, and when i wake up earlier enough a light cardio work out in the morning (biking, or mainly walking on a tread mill).

I’ve also been trying to show a little more frugality, mainly this has involved packing lunchs and cooking (well at least eating a healthy choice dinner) instead of going out for fast food or to a restaurant.

Finally to help both these tasks along i’ve shifted my schedule forward a couple hours, like most of my co-workers i’d let my start time slide out to 9 or 9:30 which lead to me being at work at crazy hours, now im trying really hard to get in at 8 every day and be out of work by 4:30 meetings willing.

Hopefully these changes will lead to a happier healthy me, I know its helped reduce the stress already.