What makes up a PHP Framework

There have been a number of interesting posts on AZphp lately about what PHP Frameworks people use. The consensus seems to be that no one uses them, it seems highly unlikely that every framework out there sucks but since I don’t use any open source php frameworks maybe they aren’t all that great.

Most frameworks out there seem to be highly complex, well offering low levels of flexibility. They are a pain to install, manage, and customize. It might be the nature of PHP not mixing well with frameworks inspired by Java or other OO languages.

What im looking for in a Application Framework is

  • User Management
  • Security/Permissions framework, allowing basic and complex models through an easy to understand reusable model
  • Database abstraction with optional Database-Object mapping
  • Templating engine – using an abstraction layer so I can use Savant and foolish people can use Smarty
  • CMS functionality that can be integrated with standard coded pages
  • Component framework that allows smart objects like calendars, message boards, form widgets, data grid, etc to be easily embedded into pages
  • Enough documentation for new developers to easily extend the framework with new components or to create fullscale applications, while allowing users to easily use the cms functionality

Guess thats enough wishing for now, if anyone has something that has these features let me know.

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3 thoughts on “What makes up a PHP Framework”

  1. I agree that a framework should not require a lot of installation and configuration. Mine doesn’t 🙂

  2. Been awhile since I posted this post, over a year ago actually, At work im using a homegrown framework a lot like rails for ruby.

    Were using smarty :-(, have a front controller model that uses introspection, using php-gacl for secuirity and have a couple basic components. Its quite a ways from being documented well enough to release but i guess will get it out eventually. Its not a great framework from a design point of view, but we’ve been pretty pragmatic and it gets the job done.

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