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Cake Framework AJAX Demo · Wiki

Includes live search, Posting of a form, an active grid, various effects and notifications as well.

Monket Calendar · Wiki

Great looking AJAX calendar, supports drag and drop rescheduling and resizing. Events are only scheduled in day intervals and there is no overlap checking. Supports multiple categories each with a ics export and a rss feed. Events that span multiple days are shown as a single enity. Works in Firefox, Opera, Safari, and IE. direc.tor: Delivering A High-Performance AJAX Web Service Broker :: Johnvey · Wiki

This alternate interface is started by running a bookmarklet from any page. This loads in javascript that transforms the page and uses the webservices to browse your tags and allows for editing them all in the same fast interface.

labs.Revision10 » Dynamic Ajax Tables · Wiki

Using Sajax Daren Jackson created dynamically editable database table. Cells are edited using click to edit and the updates are saved using ajax when you click on another cell. Its a great look demo and an example of what you can do with AJAX but its not yet wrapped up as an easy to use widget.

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