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I am a 29 year old, living in the bay area and working at StumbleUpon in San Francisco, CA. My beautiful wife and I have 2 doggies and 1 kitty cat.

I move here from Phoenix Arizona in 2008. Before that I spent some time working London, England. I grew up in Sturgis Michigan, and moved to Phoenix in 1999 to goto Arizona State University. I graduated from ASU in 2003 with a Computer Information Systems Degree. While I was in school and during 2004 I working for the Cisco Networking Academy program, building a large OO PHP framework and doing lots of reporting. I spent a number of years working for a Open Source Medical software company writing Clearhealth, a web based GPL’d practice management package. In Feb 2007 I began working for Cisco Learning Institute where I work on a lot of interesting projects.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on various Open Source projects. Most recently on the PEAR Project where I’m a was member of the PEAR Group and its Vice President. For details on what the PEAR Group is doing you should check out the PEAR Group Blog.

In August of 2006 my first book was published. Titled “Understanding AJAX” it focuses on giving current web developers the knowledge they need to add AJAX to any website. You can find more details in the Understanding AJAX section on my blog.

I’m the maintainer of two packages within PEAR, the biggest being phpDocumentor which I created in 1999. Today phpDocumentor is the #1 documentation solution for PHP. Lately I’ve been working on the HTML_AJAX library in PEAR.

One of my other projects is PhpCodeAnalyzer, a static analyses tool for php code. Its currently being used in Savant to secure its pure php templates. The code is functional but could use more features.

I help run the Phoenix’s PHP Users group, lately i’ve been in change of setting getting speakers setup for meetings. I’m always looking for interesting presentations so if you’d like to present let me know.

I also run a web service for making Thumbnails of Web pages called WebThumb. WebThumb gives you a REST API for creating thumbnails (and even full size page snapshots) of websites. Its free for light use, and low cost if you happen to need lots of thumbnails.

If you want to contact me your best bet is to send my an email, my address is: josh@bluga.net

16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I simply love your effort with HTML_Ajax. When it goes stable, it is going to be an amazing tool.

    I was wondering if you have any plans on having HTML_Ajax work with Structures_DataGrid?

    Then I was wondering if you book utilizes HTML_Ajax – or are you planning on writing a book where you show how to use it?

    Lars Olesen

  2. Lars:

    My book covers HTML_AJAX along with a couple other libraries and a bunch of other stuff. Integrating with Structures_DataGrid would be a good idea, but its not currently on the roadmap.

  3. “I was wondering if you have any plans on having HTML_Ajax work with Structures_DataGrid?”

    That is also what I was looking for.

  4. Congratulations !!!

    Excuse, but my English is not very good. I also have a certification CCNA granted by Cisco System of Argentine and I like much the programming and now I am discovering mysterious world PHP. Thank you very much by your contributions.

    To intention, your first name is the same one that the one of my son. God bless you. Ariel of the Argentine.

  5. Josh,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your latest book, Understanding Ajax! I have not completely read the book and just read sections of the book. However,your book uses PHP code only for server side scripting. I must admit that personally I do not care for PHP and thus would prefer code samples to be in other languages too, such as JSP, ASP or CFM. I think your readers will appreciate this, although understand this is a large undertaking.

    I also do understand your preference for PHP though as evident in your work and background.


  6. I came across your book (Understanding AJAX: Consuming the Sent Data with XML and JSON, Digital Shortcut – Kindle Edition) on Amazon. I am interested in all things JSON and especially the tradeoffs in using JSON versus XML.

    I would like to get the book but is it available in print format and/or is it available in a non-Kindle format?


  7. Joshua,

    Do you have a WSDL file that describes your webthumbs web service? I am working on a .net wrapper and webcontrol for webthumbs.



  8. I meant the book titled “Understanding AJAX: Consuming the Sent Data with XML and JSON, Digital Shortcut (Kindle Edition)”. This seems to be only available as a Kindle Edition (BTW the book may be $7 but the Kindle reader is $400 and it isn’t available). This book is only available as a Kindle edition on Amazon.com and I don’t see it on your site at all or even on Amazon.ca.

    P.S. This is a critical debate to me (ok, maybe I need a hobby)

  9. All the links you point to are for a book titled “Understanding AJAX: Using JavaScript to Create Rich Internet Applications (Paperback)” and released Aug 11, 2006 and an ISBN-10 of 0132216353

    The book I want is called “Understanding AJAX: Consuming the Sent Data with XML and JSON, Digital Shortcut (Kindle Edition)” and has a release date of
    March 27, 2007 and an ISBN 0132337932. You can find it at http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-AJAX-Consuming-Digital-Shortcut/dp/B000P28WGC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1201759419&sr=8-2

    So are there 2 books or does your initial book contain the JSON vs XML comparison (although I don’t see it in the index).

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